Thursday, November 21, 2013

Tackle ball rush

When I first did tackle ball rush I didnt know what to do.I didnt even know that it started on tuesdays and thursday.So I watched what they were doing and then thats when I knew what to do.So I tryed to dodge and tackle them.But I didnt know about the teusdays and thursdays yet .So I asked someone when tackle ball rush starts.Then I knew when tackle ballrush starts.I like tackle ball rush because its fun and you get to play with other chilrdren.Also because we get to meet oher children.Its very fun playing tackle ball rush.J.c J.f

A Game Called Indigo Unovarpg

On Saturday I played a game called unovarpg.I played my own account.I had many monsters because I got them.I had heps of money.I have 110,000 ic.Ic means they way calling money.By N.S

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Soccer game

Soccer Game 

Today my friend and I were having a game of soccer.The people who were playing the soccer game were Gerry, Trey ,Josh , Will ,Chase, Adrian and me.Gerry was goal keeper and I was striker.I got a lot of goals and Gerry saved a lot of goals.I scored 3  goals and that would be a hat trick .Trey missed a shot but it was very close and funny then everyone laughed at Trey.Josh was the main part of the team.The score was 3-2 to us.We were so happy that we won so we all did a victory dance at the game and then we rubbed it in  the other  teams faces.The other team captain was angry at their goalkeeper because he let in all the goals.At the end of the game we all took a big drink and we shook hands and said good game and then the teams went to the cricket pitch to sit down and relax.After we relaxed we heard the bell to go to our classes and have maths.By CM and G.G  

Friday, September 27, 2013

Why I like handball

I like handball because it's a fun game and i think that everybody should play this game . today i am going to play handball because that's my favourite game to play at lunchtime . my friend's is going to play . My friends are ,Cory,Henry,Kruz,Gerry.Wyatt,Rafe,Anish,Trey,and Juliun whos new to our school.thanks for listening.TA

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

About School

 The best thing in the world about school is maths,writing,art with Mr K and Mrs Smith and doing bloging at school on the computer or laptop.N.S.

cross country

On Friday 6 September we had our senior  cross country first the year four boys went we ran thourgh the gate and back to school then I finished the first lap I was up to my second lap and we did the same thing againand after cross countrytey gave meadles after the meadles we went to our classand we got changed and Tided class room A.G   

Going to buy me shoes

Yesterday my dad and i went to the shops to buy me new running shoes for cross country.All my old running shoes is getting too small for me.He bought me new green Nike running shoes they look cool.It was a size 3.  G.G

The best RUGBY game EVER!

I was watching my big brother play another school in the grand final rugby game. He was playing as a right wing. He lost the game. The score was 52-45 to the other school. My big brother scored 2 trys he is speedy.The other team won by one try and one conversion.G.G

wearable arts show

When I walked on to the stage I saw a lot of parents. When they called out Gerry  I walked along the catwalk.There was a lot of clapping and shouting.G.G

Friday, September 6, 2013

cross country

Today we are having the real cross country run.If we don't have our P.E we have to go to Mr T office.But I have my P.E for cross country in my bag.When it start my mum is coming to see me doing the cross country.N.S.

Homework For Wearable Arts

I am almost done my homework for Wearable Arts 2013 I have wrapped my bat in newspaper  Ia have painted everything but now I need to bluetak 10 and Tendulkar. R.P                                         

Thursday, September 5, 2013

wearable arts

Last week I started my wearable art sport uniform. I am making a tennis uniform . I have almost finished the uniform . All I have to do is paint it make the racket and finish the t shirt.


On the Tuesday of the 3rd we did a test for  maths.I got  18 right and 4 wrong.The speaker was very fast to listen to the questen. N.S.

Saturday, August 31, 2013


At the end of the year I am going to Netherlands to go and visit my cousins. I will also stay there for Christmas and my brothers birthday. It is going to be awesome. A.B

Wearable Art

Wearable Arts

Yesterday I made my wearable arts rugby ball out of my mums old cardboard box. Today I will work on my T-shirt and pants. I'm making them out of my dads old newspaper he used to read. They are looking awesome at the moment.        G.G  


Friday, August 30, 2013

Cross Country Practices

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays we do our cross country practice. The real cross country is coming up next week. For practice we have to run to the rugby post then we turn at the first tree. We run across the fence then down the hill. We go out the gate then run past Miss Mc Carra. We go on to the path then go up the drop off zone. We run through the school front gate. That's 1 lap. We have to do two laps around the school. After two laps we get very tired.We have to do our warm down or else you can get muscle pain.              G.G

Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar

I have started making my India Cricket T-shirt from cardboard and I am going to do the same with the pants!  R.P

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Class dojo

Mr K's class dojo is very cool. You can give points and take points off. They give you different kinds of monsters characters. A.G

Class Dojo

The class dogo is awesome because it does take away points and give points. Even they give you different kinds of monster characters. You can save it  any time. N.S

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Horse Riding


Last year I did horse riding at my friends place. She had three horses but I only rode on Honey the pony. Honey is a beautiful small chestnut pony with a white diamond on her forehead.    S.D

First Time Blogger


Man what a mission when you don't know the first thing about these things!!! Thank goodness for smart kids at Botany Downs :-)  Cant wait to see all the wearable arts outfits. Steph Dakin

Monday, August 26, 2013

Homework Blog

Well done to those who posted an entry onto our class blog. See me on Tuesday for class dojo points. Keep blogging Room 21
Mr K.

Rugby practice

Pita Alatini came to help Mr K do rugby practice .First we did some warm ups. We had to stretch our arm across then we rolled our arms round. It was fun. After our warm up we ran across the rugby field then we tackled the other person on the other side with the ball. G.G

My Fish and Snails

I have two pet goldfish and two water snails. My water snails’ names are Snowy and Bob. My Fish’s names are Enzo and Goldie. I feed my fish a pinch of fish flakes twice a day. I also need to switch off my fish tank light every night when I go to bed. A.B

Homework This Week

Homework This Week This week’s homework is to design our  model using recycle type materials like cardboard, paper, and plastic. I am doing Sachin Tendulkar the world famous cricketer! R.P

Class Dojo

Class Dojo is cool because you get lots of points but it is really challenging because it is really hard to get points.  At the end of the year you get a prize only if someone wins. That's what class dojo is about class dojo is my favourite thing. B.C.

Friday, August 23, 2013

The gymnastics competition

In two weeks my gymnastics team is going to the interschool to represent Botany Primary School. Our team is going to verse lots of other schools. I can not wait until it's going to happen in two week's time. The judges are going to tell us who is going to win. Definitely Botany Downs Primary School. All the other school's are going to lose of course. Kian and I are the only year 4 boys in the entire gymnastics team. There are lots of year 4 girls and there are lots of year 5 boys and there are lots of year 5 girls. R.C

Card Games

On the 22nd August 2013 I played last card. I played it with my grandad and dad. I had a tie with dad and it was 3/1 with grandad. I had a lot of fun.C.H

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


On Tuesday I went to my aunty's house. Outside we saw two baby lambs. They are white and brown. They are so cute. At only twelve weeks old they have no mum so have to be fed by bottle twice a day. Their names are Coco and Vanilla. Vanilla likes people and is always trying to come inside the house. J.F

Monday, August 19, 2013

Helping Hand

I have spent an hour trying to view our class blog from home as the rain hits the roof. Use Goggle Blog Search to search and you will find it. Mr.K

Thursday, August 15, 2013

class dojo

Last week Mr K made a Class Dojo. Class Dojo is a monster thing. If you are naughty and you don't have any points you will get -1. If you don't have a point and you get one you will have 1 point. C.H.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The school choir have another staring performance coming up on Wednesday 11th September.I am very excited to perform on the big storied stage.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Farewell Mr J.

Last week we had a special assembly to farewell Mr Bob Johnson who was our schools caretaker for 30 years. It was a sad occasion as we will all miss Mr J. because he was a very helpful person and always had a kind smile. I will miss you Mr J. L.S.

School IS COOL

Today two authors came to see us. One was called Rachel.She has some books called "Nanny Piggens".J.V

How Can You Wear That?

How Can You Wear That? Our topic for this term is Wearable Arts and we have to do a poster for recycling, reusing and reducing. We get two weeks to do this homework.R.P

Monday, August 12, 2013

Class Dojo

In Room 21 we have a Class Dojo.It makes students at Botany Downs good. Some teachers already have it. There is a maths Class Dojo and a normal class one.When students are bad, teachers can use the negative part. That means they did something bad. There is also positive and that means that someone has done something good,working really hard or helping each other.I really like the Class Dojo. J.L

School Gymnastics

We are busy practising every Wednesday and Thursday for the gymnastics competition. It takes place on 29th August. I have learnt to work on beam,bar and floor. My favourite is the bar because the routine is really cool. J.V

Friday, June 14, 2013


I made a shepherds' pie  I had a lot of fun making it. I got the vegetables and I cut them up. I got the potatoes and peeled them. I chopped them up and put them in a pot to cook. I browned the mice in the fry pan and put that in an oven proof dish. I put the vegetables over the top of the mince and i mixed them in with the mince. When the potatoes were cooked I mashed them and then spread them over the mince and vegetables. I then got some grated cheese and put that over mashed potato. I put in the oven until the cheese was melted. We ate a beautiful dinner. PJT

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How did it happen

On Wednesday we did an experiment, It was with an apricot and a glass of water. First Mr K gave us a glass. Next we got an apricot. Mr K filled the glass with water. After that we put the apricot in . We waited for one night and one day.wWen we got to school the next day I saw that  Rafe's table dried apricot turned into a normal slice of apricot. J.F.



Friday, May 17, 2013

Trip to Tip Top

The first thing we had to do was put on our bags and then we eat our morning tea. We then go to the class we were going with in the bus. We saw lots of buildings and then we reached at Tip Top factory. The bus driver said how many children do we have in the bus. Mrs Reid said that we had 29 people in the bus the gate opened and then we went down to  the gate. From there we went into the factory and saw how that lovely Tip Top ice cream is made.  A.G

Trip to tip top

                                                           Trip To Tip Top.
The Tip Top factory was very fun  I loved it  we had to fowllow the blue line and when we went in side and the lady in side showed us around and the group I went with room 22's class  and we went to look at how they  make ice cream and the day I went was monday and some of my friends went  Wednesday the person I sat next                                                        

Trip To Tip Top

Trip To Tip  Top

On Wednesday 15th May I went to the kingdom of sweets.STOP! GUESS! YES that's correct it's the
Tip Top Ice Cream Factory. Guess what it's known as the most famous place in Auckland!! We saw the process of what the fantastic amazing machines could do and it was fanatstic and awesome! We saw a video of all the parts of Tip Top we couldn't see and also Tip Tops advertisements for 1900s! Guess what?We got to have ice cream with it and I had the &M Triumph.At the end we got to play on the playground!


Friday, May 10, 2013

Turning Cream Into Butter

Yesterday we made butter. We needed cream, a bowl and a jug. First Mr K put the cream into the jug and He passed the jug to Alexander then he passed around to the other people in the class.We all had to shake. When it was my turn I shook really fast. Mr K had the bowl. He had a spoon. He turned it. He got a bit tired of turning it. After that he drained it.He finished it.We could finally eat it. It was yummy. JT

Turning Cream into Butter

Yesterday we made butter.We used jag, a whisk, a plate and a knife and a cream.We put the cream in the jag then we each had a turn at shaking. After a while it was butter.We tasted it on bread. It was nice. SG

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

House Day Activities

On Friday it was House Assembly. We had to do house activities. First we had to do Talent and we did charades.I didn't get  to do charades because I didn't get picked.Oh well at least I got picked for Talent.My Talent is runing but I fall over and everyone laughs. Next we went on the field and there was obstacle course waiting for us. There were chairs, 2 tables and a hola hop there.Once you stood in the holae hop you had to make a pose. I went first against 3 year 6's and I'm a year 4 and I won.For our homework we had to dress up as our successful person.We had to  make a poster of our favourite succssful person.Then we did obstacle course and I didn't get taggd at all so the next round I was in. I got tagged.  So I was in the middle. I tagged everyone quickly.There were 50 people and I tagged all of them.Then it was time to go home. r.c     

House Day

Friday 10th April it was House Day.We got to dress up as a role model or a hero.I didn't dress up as a role model or a hero because I don't know what to wear so I just wore my normal uniform for school and my House T-shirt.After we did our House Cheer Miss Pillay told us that in the afernoon there is going to be fun activities in the hall, field, and senior playground.My House is Sheppard.First we did a scavenger hunt.You are supposed to find little triangles in paper pockets.We got seperated in teams.Miss Pillay chose the leaders and put us into a team.I was in Team 7.First Emily,a House leader showed us the first clue.My leader was called Anachem.Miss Pillay told us that the first Team that found the last clue wins.READY,STEADY,GO!!We went quick as a flash and stormed off finding little triangles like we were findnig treasure.One person shouted that the last clue was under the stage.When we reached there we found that there were already lots of Teams in the hall.After all the Teams were in the hall we played a game.It was like a relay.After that we lined up like a snake and headed off to the field.We played relays which was really like racing.First we kick the ball around the cones then we use a golf kind of cane and golf it around the cones. We ran to the skipping rope and skipped five times.After we skipped five times we jumped in the hoops, grabbed the bean bag and threw it in the last hoop.We ran back and did hi-fives with the person on the hand.The other person goes next.I was really nervous when it was my turn.I always kept saying in my mind''This is really hard.''Mrs Giovanni was the teacher who was cheering us.After the Teams had finished their relays we went back to the classroom.It was super fun!I really enjoyed it!  J.L

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

House day

Last Friday Our house leaders showed us where to go.Our house leaders said we are playing blob.The game was to hard for me because everyone was trying to get me.But I still made it to the other side.When lots of people got tagged it got harder and harder to get to the other side.There were three people left Alex, Rahil and me. Everyone was still trying to get me.When Mrs Short said go I tried to get past everyone but I got tagged.The winners were Rahil and Alex.Next thing we had to try go on the senior play ground and do the obstacle course.When we finished everything the teachers said you could play on the playground for a while.It was a fun day.I forgot to dress up as Usain Bolt.I have Usain Bolt running shoes but smaller and his tshirt but smaller.When we were at assembly we did a run way to show off.I like to play the game blob because it is a lot of fun.We didn't do the house shield because we didn't have enough time.I had a big rest after school because I did a lot of running. By G.G

House Day

  Last Friday it was House day. the houses were Hillary, Batten, Blake and Sheppard. We got to go on lots of activites. I wanted to have a go on parachute but we didin't. We took part in a  relay. We were split into groups. There were five people in each group and we were in a line.On house day I dressed up as Edmund Hillary, who was a beekeeper. I wore a hat that my mum knitted with a big yellow flower on top with a button on top.  It looked so cool. I enjoyed the show one because we had to go in groups and make a show.I did a gymnastics show. I did foward rolls, cart wheels and backward rolls. My favourite show was the Scottish dance. It was a nice traditional song and dance with a Scottish person.After that the bell rang we went back to class.L.S

House Day

                                                                                 House Day

It was House Day at our school last Friday. It was not a normal House Day though it was a celebrity House Day. Over the last few weeks we have had to do a project about our favourite successful person and for House Day dress up as the successful person.I did Sachin Tendulkar and for House Day dressed up with two gloves and one elbow pad.At lunch time one person started a house train and walked around the school.After lunch time activites were placed by the House Leaders.For Batten there was a race in the playground and octopus.
The End    R.P

Friday, April 5, 2013

Happy Easter

                                  Happy Easter!                                          

Happy Easter everyone.On the 30th of March it was Easter!We got visited by the fuzzy easter bunny.Have you ever seen the easter bunny?I had a lot of easter eggs! (yum) My dad,Granie, Grandpa went to church! I woke up really erraly and had breakfast. I could hear my dad snoring. In the morning when no one asleep my mum and dad gave me a soft m & m dressed as an  easter bunny! by J.V    

Happpppy Easter!!!

Happy Easter
Hi everyone, did you have a good Easter for 2013? Well I did.I had a class from home because my mum takes classes. We got Easter eggs from OUR mum and dad. it was really sweet.My sister and me had one straight away. It was fun to be together on Easter. 


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Hoilday

Happy Easter everyone I hope you have a great weekend!. Hope you are safe and good. I  hope you have a graet Easter.A.T

Easter holiday

Today is the last day for school this week because tomorow is Good Friday and that means it's Easter! School is starting on Wednesday next week. I still dont know where I am going on Easter holiday but I'm sure I'll have lots of fun. It'll be so much fun having some school days off!.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone. I hope you have a great Easter. SE

Friday, March 1, 2013

Swimming day

What a hot day at Botany Downs School.  We had a lot of fun at swimming lessons at school  today.The rules are no diving,no swiming  without   a   adult. We learn a   lot. They  are  fun  lessons. We  learn  a  lot.  Our swiming  teachers  are  Wayne and Michelle.C.M

room 21 swimming

Happy new year.Every Monday and Friday we go swimming.The pool it is so cold it is like Antaractica!If you forget your togs you miss out on all the fun.You learn lots of stuff like stream line or back kick but I like freestyle & froggie.I am with Wayne!My best friend is in the another group.I like swimming on Mondays and Fridays.It is so awesome.J.V

Swimming Fun

On Monday our class went swimming. It was fun. When we splashed into the water it was freezing cold! It was like ice on my body. We all did washing machine. After that we did stream line. Wayne told us to come back and we went super fast. We splashed all over Wayne. When we came out we where freezing.I enjoyed myself .I'll come back on Friday. L.S

cricket practes

Today I was at cricket practice.  I got one persen out.I bowled him out. I did a couple of catches and I hit some 4's. I hit a couple of 6's as well . I am a good cricket player and a good fielder. I got certificate from Mr K and I got a best card from Mrs Mac Intosh.She gave me two best card's and Anish and Lucas got a certificate.

Friday, February 22, 2013


Swimming in Botany Downs is sooooo awesome! I love swimming. We have a teachers named Wayne and Michelle. We have three rules with Wayn. They are: don't get wet, don't smile and don't have fun! We get to swim alot in Botany Downs and that's what I love.   R.P

Swimming is fun

Room 21's swimming days are Monday's and Fridays.
We are having hot day for swimming at Botany Downs School.
We think that Wayne and Michelle are awesome swimming instructors.
A.B and J.F


At swimming we had a fun time enjoying what we had learnt. We also made a whirl pool that was fun.  We did lots of fun things at our swimming pool during our swimming lessonsat  Botany Downs School. M.P.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Welcome to our blog this year. We hope that we keep you informed about the many events that will happen during the course of the year. Enjoy and please respond to what the children write. G.K