Friday, September 27, 2013

Why I like handball

I like handball because it's a fun game and i think that everybody should play this game . today i am going to play handball because that's my favourite game to play at lunchtime . my friend's is going to play . My friends are ,Cory,Henry,Kruz,Gerry.Wyatt,Rafe,Anish,Trey,and Juliun whos new to our school.thanks for listening.TA

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

About School

 The best thing in the world about school is maths,writing,art with Mr K and Mrs Smith and doing bloging at school on the computer or laptop.N.S.

cross country

On Friday 6 September we had our senior  cross country first the year four boys went we ran thourgh the gate and back to school then I finished the first lap I was up to my second lap and we did the same thing againand after cross countrytey gave meadles after the meadles we went to our classand we got changed and Tided class room A.G   

Going to buy me shoes

Yesterday my dad and i went to the shops to buy me new running shoes for cross country.All my old running shoes is getting too small for me.He bought me new green Nike running shoes they look cool.It was a size 3.  G.G

The best RUGBY game EVER!

I was watching my big brother play another school in the grand final rugby game. He was playing as a right wing. He lost the game. The score was 52-45 to the other school. My big brother scored 2 trys he is speedy.The other team won by one try and one conversion.G.G

wearable arts show

When I walked on to the stage I saw a lot of parents. When they called out Gerry  I walked along the catwalk.There was a lot of clapping and shouting.G.G

Friday, September 6, 2013

cross country

Today we are having the real cross country run.If we don't have our P.E we have to go to Mr T office.But I have my P.E for cross country in my bag.When it start my mum is coming to see me doing the cross country.N.S.

Homework For Wearable Arts

I am almost done my homework for Wearable Arts 2013 I have wrapped my bat in newspaper  Ia have painted everything but now I need to bluetak 10 and Tendulkar. R.P                                         

Thursday, September 5, 2013

wearable arts

Last week I started my wearable art sport uniform. I am making a tennis uniform . I have almost finished the uniform . All I have to do is paint it make the racket and finish the t shirt.


On the Tuesday of the 3rd we did a test for  maths.I got  18 right and 4 wrong.The speaker was very fast to listen to the questen. N.S.