Thursday, November 21, 2013

Tackle ball rush

When I first did tackle ball rush I didnt know what to do.I didnt even know that it started on tuesdays and thursday.So I watched what they were doing and then thats when I knew what to do.So I tryed to dodge and tackle them.But I didnt know about the teusdays and thursdays yet .So I asked someone when tackle ball rush starts.Then I knew when tackle ballrush starts.I like tackle ball rush because its fun and you get to play with other chilrdren.Also because we get to meet oher children.Its very fun playing tackle ball rush.J.c J.f

A Game Called Indigo Unovarpg

On Saturday I played a game called unovarpg.I played my own account.I had many monsters because I got them.I had heps of money.I have 110,000 ic.Ic means they way calling money.By N.S

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Soccer game

Soccer Game 

Today my friend and I were having a game of soccer.The people who were playing the soccer game were Gerry, Trey ,Josh , Will ,Chase, Adrian and me.Gerry was goal keeper and I was striker.I got a lot of goals and Gerry saved a lot of goals.I scored 3  goals and that would be a hat trick .Trey missed a shot but it was very close and funny then everyone laughed at Trey.Josh was the main part of the team.The score was 3-2 to us.We were so happy that we won so we all did a victory dance at the game and then we rubbed it in  the other  teams faces.The other team captain was angry at their goalkeeper because he let in all the goals.At the end of the game we all took a big drink and we shook hands and said good game and then the teams went to the cricket pitch to sit down and relax.After we relaxed we heard the bell to go to our classes and have maths.By CM and G.G