Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Hoilday

Happy Easter everyone I hope you have a great weekend!. Hope you are safe and good. I  hope you have a graet Easter.A.T

Easter holiday

Today is the last day for school this week because tomorow is Good Friday and that means it's Easter! School is starting on Wednesday next week. I still dont know where I am going on Easter holiday but I'm sure I'll have lots of fun. It'll be so much fun having some school days off!.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone. I hope you have a great Easter. SE

Friday, March 1, 2013

Swimming day

What a hot day at Botany Downs School.  We had a lot of fun at swimming lessons at school  today.The rules are no diving,no swiming  without   a   adult. We learn a   lot. They  are  fun  lessons. We  learn  a  lot.  Our swiming  teachers  are  Wayne and Michelle.C.M

room 21 swimming

Happy new year.Every Monday and Friday we go swimming.The pool it is so cold it is like Antaractica!If you forget your togs you miss out on all the fun.You learn lots of stuff like stream line or back kick but I like freestyle & froggie.I am with Wayne!My best friend is in the another group.I like swimming on Mondays and Fridays.It is so awesome.J.V

Swimming Fun

On Monday our class went swimming. It was fun. When we splashed into the water it was freezing cold! It was like ice on my body. We all did washing machine. After that we did stream line. Wayne told us to come back and we went super fast. We splashed all over Wayne. When we came out we where freezing.I enjoyed myself .I'll come back on Friday. L.S

cricket practes

Today I was at cricket practice.  I got one persen out.I bowled him out. I did a couple of catches and I hit some 4's. I hit a couple of 6's as well . I am a good cricket player and a good fielder. I got certificate from Mr K and I got a best card from Mrs Mac Intosh.She gave me two best card's and Anish and Lucas got a certificate.