Friday, May 17, 2013

Trip to Tip Top

The first thing we had to do was put on our bags and then we eat our morning tea. We then go to the class we were going with in the bus. We saw lots of buildings and then we reached at Tip Top factory. The bus driver said how many children do we have in the bus. Mrs Reid said that we had 29 people in the bus the gate opened and then we went down to  the gate. From there we went into the factory and saw how that lovely Tip Top ice cream is made.  A.G

Trip to tip top

                                                           Trip To Tip Top.
The Tip Top factory was very fun  I loved it  we had to fowllow the blue line and when we went in side and the lady in side showed us around and the group I went with room 22's class  and we went to look at how they  make ice cream and the day I went was monday and some of my friends went  Wednesday the person I sat next                                                        

Trip To Tip Top

Trip To Tip  Top

On Wednesday 15th May I went to the kingdom of sweets.STOP! GUESS! YES that's correct it's the
Tip Top Ice Cream Factory. Guess what it's known as the most famous place in Auckland!! We saw the process of what the fantastic amazing machines could do and it was fanatstic and awesome! We saw a video of all the parts of Tip Top we couldn't see and also Tip Tops advertisements for 1900s! Guess what?We got to have ice cream with it and I had the &M Triumph.At the end we got to play on the playground!


Friday, May 10, 2013

Turning Cream Into Butter

Yesterday we made butter. We needed cream, a bowl and a jug. First Mr K put the cream into the jug and He passed the jug to Alexander then he passed around to the other people in the class.We all had to shake. When it was my turn I shook really fast. Mr K had the bowl. He had a spoon. He turned it. He got a bit tired of turning it. After that he drained it.He finished it.We could finally eat it. It was yummy. JT

Turning Cream into Butter

Yesterday we made butter.We used jag, a whisk, a plate and a knife and a cream.We put the cream in the jag then we each had a turn at shaking. After a while it was butter.We tasted it on bread. It was nice. SG